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What Size Motorcycle Gloves Do I Need?

Confused about motorcycle glove sizing? Our 2-minute guide explains what size motorcycle gloves you need, and how to measure your hands for the perfect fit.

If you’ve purchased your first motorcycle, you’re going to need some motorcycle gear.

Most manufacturers will offer a sizing chart for their motorcycle gloves. But, it’s not exactly specific.

Reason? I have no idea!

For instance, it might be something like:

Glove Size Glove Size Conversion
Medium 9

That’s all good and well, if you know what that means!

HINT: Usually, the numbered size (i.e. 9) relates to the palm measurement (in inches).

So a size 9, would suit a 9” measurement…

How To Measure Your Hands For Motorcycle Gloves

Let’s not over-complicate this.

I saw the palm measurement method over a decade ago on a manufacturer’s website, and it works for most glove brands.

The process is simple:

  1. Get a flexible tape measure, and measure the top of your palms around the knuckle area
  2. Take a note of that measurement
  3. Job done

Don’t have a tape measure?

Use anything flexible (string, paper etc), wrap it around the top of your palms/knuckles, mark it, and measure that mark with a ruler.

Motorcycle Glove Sizing Charts

Now you have this measurement, you’ll be able to match your hand size to most motorcycle gloves.

You’ll find gloves either come in a numbered or standardised size classification. For instance, a size 8 or Small.

I’ve used these conversions for:

  • Enduro and adventure gloves
  • Motocross gloves
  • Street bike gloves
Numbered Sizing Standardised Sizing Palm Measurement
6 XXS 6” or 15 cm
7 XS 7” or 17.5 cm
8 S 8” or 20 cm
9 M 9” or 22.5 cm
10 L 10” or 25 cm
11 XL 11” or 27.5 cm
12 XXL 12” or 30 cm


How Should Motorcycle Gloves Fit?

You’ll want your gloves to have a loose but snug fit.

Too Big

Motorcycle gloves that are too small are going to reduce your brake and clutch feel.

If they’re too big, you’ll have excess material on the end of fingers, and in between your index finger and thumb.

Too Small

Your motorcycle gloves shouldn’t put any pressure on your hand or wrist. As you ride, blood circulation will increase.

Motocross riders will feel this in their forearms (arm pump), but it translates to the wrist and hand area too. By restricting the blood flow in your hand, you’ll get cramped up long before you should.

That’s not just uncomfortable, it’s dangerous if you can’t grab the brake/clutch lever when you need to, with the power and control you require.

For those that don’t mind riding in cooler weather (even on street bikes), a glove that’s too small is going to end up in extremely cold fingers.

There should be some movement in your glove (allowing for when you open and close your palm, or grab for a lever).

But they shouldn’t be so loose that there’s excess material on the end of your fingers, or in between your palm and index finger.

What’s Next?

This article is written as a guideline. Always read manufacturer’s specific motorcycle glove sizing guide.

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