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Logitech G29 Brake Pedal Fix (Brakes Max Out At 75-80%)

If you G29 brake pedal is maxing out below 100%, here’s the quick fix. And, if you struggle with lock ups with your more powerful brakes after the fix, I’ve included a quick guide for that too.

I’ve not been using a wheel for very long. In fact, I only bought a PS4 about 6-8 months ago. logitech g29 brake mod

So, the Logitech G29 wheel and pedal setup is my first.

First problem?

The stupid knocking noise (fixed).

But it wasn’t until I decided to change my advanced wheel settings to adjust the steering that I recognised something crazy…

My brakes were maxing out at 75-80%, no matter how hard I slammed on the pedal.

Now, there’s a brake fix that involves removing the rubber. I believe this helps with the brake pedal range, but also makes the pedal softer.

I’ve not done this, as I’m happy with how firm the pedal is.

How To Fix A G29 Brake Pedal Maxing Out At 75-80%

I only play F1 2017.

So, I’m not sure if the advanced wheel settings are for that specific game or are saved as your wheel settings for all racing games.

Press triangle when you’re in the main screen of F1, DIRT, FORZA, or whatever you play.

This brings up wheel settings and calibration.

Flick to calibration and you’ll see a tonne of settings like this:

Steering Deadzone

Steering Linearity

Steering Saturation

Throttle Deadzone

Throttle Linearity

Throttle Saturation

Brake Deadzone

Brake Linearity

Brake Saturation < This is what you need to change.

If you press down on your brake, you’ll see the capacity it’s hitting. Mine was about 75-80%.

Keep increasing brake saturation until you get to 100% range on your pedal.

Start with a brake saturation of 20 (that’s what worked for me), and work from there.

What To Do If You Start Locking Up After Fixing Your Pedal

Now you’ve got 20% more power on your brakes, there’s a good chance you might start locking up.

Reduce Brake Saturation

If you then find you’re locking up easily or the brake comes on too strong, you need to reduce brake saturation.

I’d only be dropping it by 1-2 at a time, as eventually, you’re going to lose brake power.

Change Brake Bias

The further forward your brake bias is, the more likely you are to lock up. However, that doesn’t mean you should be throwing it all to the back.

If you’re bias is too far to the rear of the car, the back-end is going to kick out on braking and it can be a nightmare to control.

I’d change it a maximum of 2% (i.e. move it 2% to the rear – MAX) to compensate.

Any more than this and you’re really going to start struggling to control the car under braking.

What’s Next?

Thanks for reading my quick fix for the Logitech G29 brake pedal.

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