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Interest In The 2018 FIFA World Cup By U.S. State [MAP]

Are Americans excited for the World Cup? Well… that depends which state they are in. We explored data from Google trends (relative search interest over the past 7 days) to find out which U.S. states were most interested in this year’s world cup, and which couldn’t care less. Here’s what we got…

interest in the 2018 world cup by state

And here’s the full breakdown…

interest in the fifa world cup by state

So D.C. (which technically isn’t a state) has by far the most interest, while New Jersey, California, and New York are (relatively) pumped for the tournament.

Mississippi though… well looks like football fever hasn’t reached the deep south just yet!

If you’re one of the Americans that isn’t interested in the World Cup, but want to blag your way through it, check out our World Cup Survival Quote Generator.

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