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The 6 Best Core Strength Exercises For Wakeboarding

Looking to increase your core strength for wakeboarding? Here are the 6 best core strength exercises for all round fitness.

When it comes to body strength and fitness, wakeboarding is a well-rounded extreme sport.

It’s not about short-sharp bursts of power, or all about stamina.

For that reason, the best workouts for wakeboarding are focused around core strength.

Core strength exercises will give you better posture for getting up initially, and for tricks as you progress from a beginner through to intermediate.

There’s a quick guideline for some core strength exercises suitable for wakeboarding in the video below.

The Top 6 Exercises For Core Strength

Looking for some more core strength exercises for wakeboarding?

Checkout our top 6 below.

#1 – Dead Bug

#2 – Vertical Leg Crunch

#3 – Hanging Leg-Raises

#4 – Plank

#5- Oblique V-Up

#6 – Reverse Crunches

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