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The Best Dirt Bike Stands [Box, Lift & Hydraulic]

Looking to buy a new dirt bike stand, and don’t know where to start? Check out this guide, covering stands from $20-300.

Your average dirt bike doesn’t come with a side stand. And, that’s going to make working on your motocross bike incredibly difficult. Or, when you come in from a session, you’re going to have to lean it up against your van or truck…hardly ideal.

This guide covers the best dirt bike lift stands available on the market, and my top pick. If you want to browse dirt bike stands now, we recommend this store.

Types of Dirt Bike Stands

First, you’ll need to determine the type of dirt bike stand you need. Let’s explain what’s-what, in ascending price order:

Triangle Stand

If you don’t plan to do repairs on your motocross bike, a triangle stand will do the trick in your garage, and at the track. Better still, instead of spending $50-150, you’ll be looking at closer to $30.

Dirt Bike Lift Stand

comie dirt bike standThe lift stand has a handle on it and is mechanically operated. It jacks both wheels off the floor so you can work on it easily and is going to be perfect for 50cc-450cc bikes. In terms of price, these are going to sit in the middle ground.

However, if you have a heavy enduro bike, or struggle to lever your bike into position, you might need some additional help. You’ll need a hydraulic version of the lift stand.

But additional features always come with additional cost. You can grab a normal lift stand for around $50+, a triangle stand for around $30. For a hydraulic dirt bike lift stand of good quality, you’re going to be looking closer to $200 and beyond.

If you want to go all in, you can go for a scissor lift stand. That’s going to lift the bike above the normal height of a lift stand, making it much easier to work on. But, they’re certainly not cheap!

Lift-On Stand

pit posse fixed standThese certainly aren’t my favourite. Lifting a heavy motocross bike covered in mud onto a stand in between motos…I’m not sure why anyone would want to do it.

Well, there is a simple reason why people do…

A triangle stand doesn’t allow you to work on your bike properly (for instance, change wheels, or tighten your chain easily).

On the flip side, the fact that multiple stress points on a lift stand, means it isn’t as stable as a lift-on stand that’s fixed (for instance, where the lift goes up and down). The most secure way to work on a dirt bike, is on a static stand like this.

The Best Dirt Bike Stands On The Market

I’ve ridden and raced dirt bikes since I was 11, so I’ve had a fair few stands in my time. My personal preference is a standard dirt bike lift stand. It allows the flexibility to complete repairs but doesn’t bear the cost of full on hydraulic lift stand.

Below we’ve compiled a list of the best triangle, lift, hydraulic lift and lift-on/fixed dirt bike stands we could find on the market today.

1. Pit Posse Triangle Stand

motocross triangle stand

The best triangle stand in our opinion comes from Pit Posse. Pit Posse have been making motorcycle tools and accessories for over 20 years. And, you don’t keep going that long in this industry unless you’re pumping out quality products.


Their triangle stand is made from heavy duty steel, so, is robust. Yet, it still only weighs a couple of pounds.


What you’ll notice with a lot of triangle stands, is they come in multiple sizes. The pin is welded, and can’t be changed, so you need to be sure you’re buying the right one.

You won’t have that problem with the Pit Posse triangle stand. It comes with 11mm, 14.5mm, and 18mm pins, meaning it fits basically every dirt bike on the market.


And, unlike most other branded items in the motorcycle industry, the price doesn’t match the brand quality. You’ll be able to pick up the Pit Posse triangle stand for around $20, which is cheaper than a lot of unbranded stands on the market today; bargain!

If you want a triangle stand for your dirt bike, Pit Posse is the place to go.

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2. Comie Dirt Bike Lift Stand

comie dirt bike stand

As I’ve already mentioned, the standard dirt bike lift stand is what I have, and what I always go for. There’s no absolute need to spend $100 on a stand. I’ve worked on my bikes for 1,000s of hours on stands exactly like this.


You’ll get a stand here that’s built from a high quality steel. And, that means it’s going to last. It also comes inclusive of a durable top rubber. That’s important, because that’s the only thing that stops your bike slipping off the stand when you’re working on it.


The lift size is adjustable from the minimum of 11.8” up to 15.7”, making it suitable for most motocross bikes. The size of the top grip isn’t adjustable but is bigger than most at 11.1” x 13.4”.

And, you shouldn’t have problems using this stand, even if you have a large and heavy bike. The weight limit here is a huge 330lbs.


Prices do fluctuate, but you should be able to pick up the Comie dirt bike lift stand for just a scratch over $40, which is an absolute bargain.

This isn’t just what I’d choose if I was looking for a dirt bike lift stand. It’s what I’d choose if I was looking for any kind of new stand.

Triangle stands just aren’t fully functional, and hydraulic stands aren’t needed in most cases, not to mention, overpriced for what they are.

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3. Motorsport Hydraulic Lift Stand

motosport hydraulic lift stand

We all want the best value for money, but the Motorsport product certainly isn’t the cheapest. This weighs in at over $200, whilst there’s the Durhand equivalent available at around $150. However, due to the online reviews, additional features and the strength of the Motorsport brand name, this is where we’d put our money.


Like most motocross stands, the hydraulic lift comes complete with steel construction, and a strong metal coating to stop rust.


You’ll be able to lift anything up to 300lbs using the hydraulic lift. That’s slightly lower than a standard lift stand, whereby the weight limit tends to be somewhere in the 330lb range. That said that max weight limit is rarely needed. For instance, a CRF450 only weighs around 225lbs dry.

The height adjustment is the real bonus with any hydraulic lift stand. You’ll get full adjustment from 14” through to 33” – it makes working on your bike an absolute breeze.


Price is what will sting you with any hydraulic stand. Here, you’re looking at the $200-300 range. As we’ve mentioned, we think it makes sense to aim for a simple lift stand, which is going to save you $150+.

That said, if you want to go for a budget hydraulic unit, you could go for the Durhand, which is around $100 cheaper.

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4. Pit Posse Lift-On Stand

pit posse fixed stand

For those that want the most secure way to work on a dirt bike, this is the type of stand you need. And like the triangle stand, we’re going to stick with Pit Posse. They offer high quality motorcycle products and give unrivaled value for money.

A couple of cool features the Pit Posse stand incorporates:

  • ID board for hardcore racers
  • Hole in the platform surface to aid easy removal of sump plug = easy oil change!


What I’ve noticed with stands like this, is the rubber lasts longer than they do on a standard lift stand. This could be due to the fact it’s higher quality, but more likely due to the fact the bike isn’t grinding on the rubber, as it would with a lift stand.

Naturally, all Pit Posse products are bullet proof. Its aluminium reinforced construction means this is going to stand the test of time.


It’s worth noting this is a full size dirt bike stand. As this isn’t adjustable, if you need a stand for a mini bike (CRF50, KX85, CRF150 or something similar), you’ll need to find the Pit Posse mini bike stand instead.


In terms of price, the Pit Posse fixed stand sits in the middle. It’s not quite as expensive (at around $80) as a hydraulic stand, but then again, it’s much more expensive than a standard lift stand, or a triangle stand.

Buy this stand, if you want your bike to be 100% secure whilst working on it, and don’t want to fork out for a hydraulic stand. Otherwise, go for a standard dirt bike lift stand like this one.

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What’s Next?

Thanks for reading our guide covering the best dirt bike stands on the market. Looking to top up your workshop? Check out our other guides, like this one covering the best dirt bike oils and cleaners.

Got questions? Or, have experience with a different dirt bike stand and want to offer your opinion? Drop us a line via our contact form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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