5 Dirt Bike Gifts I ACTUALLY Want [As A Rider Of 19 Years]

Confused about which dirt bike gifts us riders actually want? Check out our 5-minute guide to the best gifts, and how to pick them.

Welcome to our 5-minute guide to the best dirt bike gifts – that riders like me actually want.

If you’re not a motocross rider, a lot of the gifts us dirt bike riders ask for might seem like something along the lines of:

  • Boring (parts)
  • Crazy (bright gear)
  • Expensive for the sake of it (exhausts like FMF and Akrapovic)

And I know your pain, because my family and friends have been going through the exact thought process with me for nearly 20 years – every time it comes to a Birthday or Christmas.

So, what are some motocross gifts that dirt bike riders like me actually want?

The Dirt Bike Gift Ideas You Should Junk

First, let’s start with the gift ideas you’ve shortlisted that you need to junk straight away.

The Stupidly Expensive

Pretty-much every motocross rider wants a new exhaust for their bike. dirt bike gifts

The problem?

If the person you’re buying for rides a 4-stroke, you could be looking at $800 from the likes of Akrapovic.

Even a good 2-stroke exhaust from FMF could set you back $500.


I wouldn’t be spending that kind of money, unless you’re 100% certain that’s the exact exhaust they want – we’re a picky bunch.

Dirt Bike Gifts, For Dirt Bike’s Sake

dirt bike gifts magazine

We don’t want motorcycle gifts that are related to motorcycles for the sake of it. We want stuff that’s functional.

Not all of us read magazines, books, or do our own bike maintenance, so I’d probably steer clear of anything that’s published.

That also means cheap no-name brand products, for the sake of being motocross related.

Generally, these brands are cheap for a reason – and there’s a good chance they’ll just sit in our gear bag collecting dust.

The 5 Best Dirt Bike Gifts That Riders Actually Want

So, let’s jump to the best gifts that all motocross riders want.


I know what you’re thinking. The person you’re buying for already has a set of dirt bike gloves, right?fox motocross gloves

Believe me, you can never have enough sets of gloves.

That’s especially the case for those that ride trails (where their gloves might get wet), or races where you don’t want to be putting on sweaty gloves for Moto 2 and Moto 3.

There’s nothing better than putting on a fresh pair!

And, MX gloves do wear out pretty-quickly.

Picking Dirt Bike Gloves

First, you want to find their gear and determine the brand they currently own – go with that brand.

If they don’t have any MX gear currently, I can say I don’t know of a dirt bike rider that doesn’t like Fox Racing. Or you can check out our list of the best MX gear brands here – picking a brand from that list won’t steer you far wrong.

Next, you need to know their size.

Gloves are quite specific in terms of sizing. If they currently own a pair, the size will be on the inside cuff.

Depending on whether they’ve got standardised sizing (i.e. S, M, L) or numbered (i.e. 8, 9, 10) you might need to use our motorcycle glove sizing chart to get the right size with the new pair.

Ready to pick out the perfect set of gloves?

Check our review of the best motocross gloves here.


Goggles fall into the same bracket as gloves; they’re the perfect dirt bike gift – no rider has enough! 100% strata otg goggles

If you jump online, you’ll find some stupidly cheap MX goggles. I’d completely avoid them.

They don’t provide the ventilation needed. When a rider starts to sweat, it doesn’t dry out and instead, the lens mists. That’s not just annoying, it’s pretty-dangerous given that the rider can’t see.

And, if they’re tinted, the cheaper lenses don’t have UV protection. That’s dangerous too!

Picking Dirt Bike Goggles

Goggles are a little more rider specific than gloves. I have different goggles for different scenarios.

However, from a comfort perspective I use roll offs as I find most other goggles end up too close to my face (I guess I have a funny-shaped head).

So, like the gloves, you want to get into their gear stash and see what brands they like.

More importantly, you want to see what types of goggles they wear.

You’ve got a choice of:

  • Standard
  • Roll-off
  • Tear-off
  • Roll-off/tear-off combo

You’ll want a tear-off with an anti-fog lens as a minimum.

I’ve created a detailed guide to types of motocross goggles here, so you can figure out which ones they need.

Oh, and colour wise.

If their helmet and MX gear don’t match, you’ll want to match the goggles to the helmet rather than the gear – it looks better that way round.


Now, this is one of the ultimate dirt bike gifts. New boots. alpinestars tech 10

If you don’t have a budget of at least $200, you’ll probably want to look away now.

You probably think your partner, sibling or child is crazy spending this kind of money on MX boots.

But, they do more than just look cool.

For boots that are good for shifting, they make riding easier (in particular, for people that have ankle problems).

And, a top brand MX boot offers more support in the ankle and leg than cheap boots.

I’ve seen a friend break both his legs by overjumping a jump.

Because his Alpinestars were wet, he wore some cheap non-brand boots he’d had for years instead; bad idea buddy!

Picking Dirt Bike Boots

We’re not talking the $800 of an Akrapovic exhaust, but it’s still a reasonable investment here.

Like everything else, you’ll want to see what boots they wear now.

If they use one of the following brands, stick with that brand – there’s a good chance it’s personal preference:

  • Alpinestars
  • SIDI
  • Gaerne
  • Fox

There are some brands that don’t focus on manufacturing boots specifically, but are still good:

  • MSR
  • Thor
  • Shift
  • Fly Racing
  • O’Neal

However, I can tell you straight.

The first four brands are top-drawer (Alpinestars etc).

As a rider of nearly 2 decades, having owned 10+ pairs of boots, I’d choose one of the first four – given the budget and choice.

If you want more advice on choosing boots, you can head over to our dirt bike boots buyers guide.


best mx helmet

Go look at the helmet they’re using right now.

Is it beat up?

Realistically, riders should be replacing their helmet after each time they drop it, or crash.

Honestly? Not many riders do, but that’s what manufacturers recommend.


The interior of a motocross helmet is designed to crumple on impact. So, the more it’s dropped, the more it crumples and the less protection it offers.

Bad news!

If they’re helmet looks beat up, this is the perfect dirt bike gift.

Picking Dirt Bike Helmets

I’ve created a detailed guide on the best motocross helmets that money can buy. There’s a tonne of information on sizing, brands and a few helmet recommendations too.

In fact, even if you don’t plan on buying one as a motocross gift, it’s worth checking out to see if they’re wearing one from a proven and respected brand.

If they’re not, they could be leaving themselves exposed next time they crash (which they will, it’s just what us dirt bike riders do).

Gear Combo

dirt bike gifts

If your budget for a motocross gift can stretch beyond a set of gloves or goggles, check out some of the cool MX gear combos on offer.

Like gloves, us dirt bikers can’t have enough gear; well, that’s my rule anyway!

Picking Dirt Bike Gear Combos

I’m a motocross junkie, so I compiled this detailed list of the brands offering MX gear combos here.

Like gloves, it’s worth checking out their gear bag. Most riders (like me) aren’t too fussy on which new gear combo they have, if it’s from one of those brands mentioned above.

However, some riders swear by certain brands like Fox Racing/Alpinestars.

So, the safest bet when buying a dirt bike gift is to stick with what they know and like.

What’s Next?

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