The Best Pool Tables Under $1000, $2000 & $3000 [Buyer’s Guide]

Looking for the best pool tables under $1k, $2k and $3k? We’ve checked out all the popular pool tables online and came up with this buyer’s guide. Make sure you read it before you make a purchase.

We’re not going to list 10, 5 or even 3 options for each category. We’ve done our research.

So, instead of creating a huge list that’s just going to create confusion, we’ve listed the ABSOLUTE best in each category.

No matter which pool table you choose, you can be sure you’re getting a top-quality pool table that’s perfect for honing your skills at home.

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The Best Pool Table Under $1,000

So, you don’t want an amateur pool table? But at the same time, you don’t have a briefcase full of dollar bills to blow either?

This the pool table you need…

Fat Cat 7ft Frisco Billiard Table

fat cat frisco pool tableOur pick for the best pool table under $1,000; the 7ft Fat Cat.

The actual MSRP is over $1,200, but there are plenty of online suppliers with it on sale for under $1,000. And, we think that makes it an absolute steal.

Who Makes The 7ft Fat Cat?

Fat Cat pool tables are made by a well-known, homegrown US brand; GLD Products.

GLD Products have been producing gaming kit for over 30 years. And, they specialise in billiards and table games. So, you can be sure the stuff rolling out their factory is super-high quality; they know exactly what they’re doing.

Online Reviews

When splashing out this kind of cash on a product online, I always want to check out reviews. And, it’s not like I want to see 100s of 5 star reviews.

Sometimes, the best reviews are those that explain the downfalls of a product. And that’s because these reviews usually offer up an honest opinion of what the product is really like, rather than a boring online description, straight from the manufacturer.

Jump onto any shop selling pool tables online, and you’ll see plenty of reviews from happy customers that love their Fat Cat.


Let’s face it, whether this is going in a man cave, or your lounge; it’s going to become the center piece of that room. And, that means you need to look sleek.

The design and looks of the 7ft Fat Cat pool table is up there with the best. In fact, it rivals the luxuriousness of leading brands that sell pool tables for $2,000, $3,000 and beyond.

Alongside a fresh-looking play surface, rubber bumpers and diamond inlays on the 56-inch rails, you’ll get bevelled legs and a brown wool cloth – it looks stunning!


The problem with cheap pool tables under $500 is that they start to look really-rough, really-quick.

But, that’s not the case with the Fat Cat. The table’s protected by a play surface of Accuslate, and that’s a full 1-inch thick. And, GLD Products are so confident in the durability of this work surface, you’ll get a 7-year warranty chucked in for free. You won’t get that from cheap pool table brands.

And, for protection up in the pockets, you’ll get durable but cool looking K66 rubber bumpers.


So, what’s actually included if you buy the 7ft Fat Cat?

You’ll get the pool table (obviously), but you’ll also get some bonus-extras. That’s going to include chalk (x2), a triangle, a brush to keep your table in great shape.

And, they’ve even thrown in a set of quality billiard balls, as well as two sleek looking 57-inch cues.

Basically, this is the full package; everything you need to start playing.


So, how big is it? After all, you need to make sure you have space for the Fat Cat pool table.

The 7-footer comes in at 89.5L x 50.5W x 31H.

Ready to start playing?

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Best Pool Table Under $2,000

Looking for something MUCH bigger and MUCH better, and have the budget to match?

Here’s our pick for the best pool table under $2,000.

Minnesota Fats Fullerton 8ft Billiard Table 

Price minnesota fats fullerton

Got a budget of $2,000? I’ve got AWESOME news for you.

You’re going to have plenty of spare notes to rub together after buying the Fullerton 8ft; it’s MSRP is just $1500.

Want to know something even better? There are online retailers selling it for WELL below the MSRP!

Online Reviews

If you read our quick review of the best pool table under $1,000 above, you’ll know I’m a sucker for online reviews.

And, here lies a problem. The more expensive products are, the less they sell. The fewer customers there are? The fewer reviews there are too.

However, there are SOME reviews online, and they’re worth checking out. That’s going to give you an idea of what people think of the Minnesota Fats Fullerton 8ft pool table, rather than just reading a boring manufacturer’s description.


Whilst the Fat Cat 7ft is nice, you really do get what you pay for. Comparing them back to back makes the Fullerton stand out as a much sleeker design; the kind of thing you want in the center piece of a room.

And, that’s partly due to the higher quality rails, veneered tapered legs and the rich dark chestnut finish; we just love it!


Like the Fat Cat, you’ll get a playing surface that’s 1-inch thick. But, this one’s better.

Why? It features a 1-inch Dur-A-Bond surface that has an internal levelling system. And that means that even after decades of use, your playing surface is still going to be next to perfect!


Again, like the Fat Cat, you’ll get the full ready-to-go package deal here.

That means you’ll get a triangle for racking, chalk, a set of billiard balls and a brush for keeping your pool table fresh.

You’ll also get a set of high quality one-piece cues.


Compared to the Fat Cat, this table is much bigger, so make sure you have a room with ample space.

The manufacturer’s dimensions are 96″ x 53″ x 31″.

Looking for something a bit bigger and sleeker than the Fat Cat?

Start playing in style, with the Fullerton 8-footer.

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BONUS: The Most AWESOME Pool Table Under $3000

And, for you rich kids that can afford up to $3,000 there are plenty of other options.

Here’s our top pick if you’ve got a budget of $3k.

Playcraft Southport 8ft Institutional Billiards Table

playcraft pool table

Although it’s just under $3k which seems expensive, the Playcraft Southport is actually a pretty-good deal.

Not only is the styling up there with professional tables, so is the durability. And like a professional table, you’ll get a commercial grade ball return system, something you won’t get with cheaper pool tables.

The playing surface is made from a 3-piece and 1-inch thick Brazilian slate bed. And, the sub frame means that this pool table is one of the strongest and most supportive on the market.

You’ll get an attractive cherry wood finish, making this an impressive center piece for any room in your house.

Want a pool table that really stands out? The Playcraft is for you.

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What’s Next?

Thanks for reading our quick-fire guide to the best pool tables under $1,000, $2,000 and $3,000.

Found a pool table you like? Got one that you hate?

Whatever your experience is with pool tables, drop a comment below – we’d love to hear from you!

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