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The Best Motorcycle Helmet Locks For D-Shackle/Non D-Shackle Lids

Confused about helmet security? Check out our 3 minute guide to the best motorcycle helmet locks for D-shackles, helmets with straps and securing jackets.

Welcome to our 3-minute guide to the best motorcycle helmet locks.

First things first. A lock is a lock, right?


Turns out it’s not that simple.

So, we’ve had to offer a quick review on the best motorcycle helmet locks for:

  • Helmets with D-shackles
  • Securing helmets without D-shackles, and jackets (i.e. a cable lock)
  • Those that want a lock that’s permanently secured to your bike

The Best Motorcycle Helmet Lock (For D-Shackles)

Helmetlok II best motorcycle helmet lock


It’s essentially a standard carabiner that utilises a 4-digit security code to open.

Most cheap motorcycle helmet locks are a simple strap.

Problem? It’s not exactly hard to cut a strap, and there goes your helmet!

This lock? Well, it’s slightly harder to get through than a strap, given it’s made of Zinc alloy.

Whether you’ve spent $100 or $1000 on your lid, the last thing you want is someone walking off with it.

Helmet Protection

The reason straps are popular is that inevitably, the lock will rub slightly on the helmet as it settles on the side of your bike.

Obviously, a carabineer isn’t as soft as a strap, and it’s going to damage your lid.

That’s why the HelmetLok II has a rubberized protective coating; so, your helmet doesn’t get scratched.

Will It Fit In My Pocket?

Yes, it will. And when it’s there, you won’t notice it.

It only weighs 2.4 ounches. So, it’s about as lightweight as you’re going to get.

Who’s It For?

So, our quick review verdict?

This is the perfect motorcycle helmet lock if the following sounds like you:

  • I want a lightweight lock I can carry around with me when riding
  • My helmet has D-shackles
  • I don’t need to secure my jacket

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The Best Motorcycle Helmet (No D-Shackles) & Jacket Lock

BigPantha Motorcycle Helmet Lock big pantha helmet lock


Here you’re using a braided cable (6ft long) and a 3-digit pin code, to secure both your helmet and jacket.

But, it’s also suitable for those that don’t have D-shackles on their helmet, and don’t need to secure a jacket.

You lock the carabineer to your bike and then put the cable through the opening where the visor is, to secure your helmet.

Of course, the lock here is only as strong as the cable. When you compare that directly to the zinc alloy carabineer mentioned above, there’s going to be a drop in security.

But, that’s something you’ll have to deal with if you need to secure a jacket, or don’t have D-shackles on your helmet.

Helmet protection

Given the fact that there’s a cable securing your helmet, not a carabineer, your helmet is going to be more protected from scratches.

Will It Fit In My Pocket?

If you’re looking for the best motorcycle helmet lock that fits in your pocket and will secure jackets and helmets, this is it.

It’s not as lightweight as the HelmetLok II, at 5 ounches. But, let’s face it, it’s hardly going to break your back. 🙂

Who’s It For?

If you fit in somewhere below, the BigPantha is for you:

  • Can deal with carrying a whole 5 ounces ?
  • Need helmet and jacket security
  • Or, have a helmet without D-shackles
  • Would like the ability to secure other items to your bike

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The Best Motorcycle Helmet Lock That’s Permanently Secured

Bikers Choice Helmet Lock biker choice helmet lock


The Bikers Choice motorcycle helmet lock will pretty-much fit any handlebars; 7/8” right through to 1 ¼”.

Of all the locks, this is the hardest to tamper with. You’ll secure the lock permanently somewhere on your bars, remove the D ring, and then clamp this over the D-shackle on your helmet.

You’ll secure it with a key, and get one spare with your purchase.

Basically, the helmet makes tampering with harder than the carabineer style locks mentioned above.

Helmet Protection

Although this is an all-metal lock, it actually provides the most protection against scratches for your helmet.

Why? Because it doesn’t need to touch the shell of your lid. Instead, it’s firmly secured using the D-shackle.

Will It Fit In My Pocket?

That’s the good thing; you don’t need to carry it when you’re riding.

You’ll permanently fix it to your bike.

Warning! If you’ve checked out the reviews online, you’ll have noticed one thing…

The Bikers Choice motorcycle helmet lock comes with tamper proof screws. Once it’s fitted to your bike, thieves won’t be able to remove it.

The problem? You won’t be able to either.

So, make sure you’re happy with the position of the lock (using screws from a DIY store) before using the tamper proof screws to fix it permanently.

Who’s It For?

Does everything below sound like you? If it does, this is going to be the most suitable helmet lock for you:

  • I want maximum security for my helmet
  • There’s no need to lock up my jacket
  • I don’t want to carry a helmet lock around when I’m riding

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What’s Next?

Thanks for reading our 3-minute guide to the best motorcycle helmet locks.

Like what you’ve read? I’m a motorcycle nut and regularly post new content.

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