The Best Lightweight Camping Chair For Backpacking, Hiking & More

Need a lightweight camping chair, but don’t know where to start? Read our 3-minute guide to the best lightweight camping chair, weighing in at just 2lbs.

who lightweight camping chairWe all know we can jump online and buy a cheap camping chair for $20 or less.

But, what if you want something that needs to offer more than a comfortable place to sit around the camp fire?

If you’re like me, you like adventure. So, you probably don’t stay in the same location for long.

Packing up your stuff, including your chair, to move to your next camp?

Not a problem.

Compacting that kit into your pack, then carrying it to the next camp?

Big problem.

That’s where lightweight products come into their own.

Who Needs A Lightweight Camping Chair?

Let’s get one thing straight; not everyone needs a lightweight camping chair.

If you’re planning on staying in the same location for more than a few days, or have the space/means to transport a normal camping chair – do that.


Any lightweight backpacking product will cost more than the traditional alternative.

And I’m not a fan of burning cash for the sake of it.

But if you fall into any of exploring categories below, a lightweight camping chair is going to be an essential part of your kit list:

  • Backpackers
  • Hikers
  • Motorcycle Riders
  • Survivalists
  • Wild Campers
  • Hunters
  • Fishing Enthusiasts

OK, So What Is Lightweight?

Now you’ve decided you want to invest in a lightweight camping chair, let’s determine exactly what lightweight really means.

A typical camping chair weighs in the region of 4lbs. You’ll be creeping towards 6lbs if you’re the type of camper that prefers a little luxury, and you’re looking at those chairs with extra cushioning.

In the lightweight category there are plenty of offerings in the region of 2-3lbs.

If you’re super-tight on space and don’t have the capacity for anything extra in your pack, there are ultra-lightweight camping chairs as low as 1.2lbs but that’s a review for a different day.

Who Needs An Ultra-Lightweight Camping Chair?

If you can’t carry an additional 2lbs in a pack the size of a compact sleeping bag, you’ll need an ultra-lightweight camping chair.

But here’s the problem.

The ultra-lightweight camping chairs are nearing 3-4x the price of a lightweight equivalent.

More to the point, a lot of these are simple pads or only have legs that are a few inches high – I wouldn’t really call that a chair.

And in some cases, you’re only dropping around 12-13 ounces in weight compared with a lightweight version.

So, my advice is to try and deal with 2-3lbs of weight and head straight for a lightweight camping chair.

If you can’t, you’d be better off finding a small soft pad (that weighs a few ounces), rather than a chair.

The Best Compact & Lightweight Camping Chair

Sportneer Lightweight & Foldable Camping Chair [With Table!]

Now, if you’ve decided you can manage an extra 2-3lbs or so in luggage, you’ll find yourself here, in the lightweight category.  sportneer camping chair

I’m a motorcycle rider, wild camper and generally like to explore. And I can say this size and weight range covers most adventurers.


Let’s jump straight to the most important feature of the Sportneer; weight.

The Sportneer camping chair weighs in at the lower-end of the lightweight category; at 2lbs.

Packed Size

Being a motorcycle rider, I probably have less space than the average backpacker, given I can’t wear my 65+ Vango whilst riding my bike.

So, if you’re short on space too, you’ll find the Sportneer a dream to work with.

Once you fold it down into the carry bag, you’ll be left with 14.25″ x 5.25″ to get into your pack (although it’s easily attached to the exterior of traditional backpacks too).


I know what you’re thinking, especially if you’d consider yourself heavier than the average adventurer; there’s no way this will hold my weight!

That’s unlikely, given the Sportneer has a weight capacity of 350lbs.


Check out the reviews online for competitive products, and you’ll see that this is at the lower end in terms in terms of price.

What’s not obvious, is that Sportneer are currently offering this as part of a lightweight chair/table package deal.

Who Should Buy The Sportneer Lightweight Camping Chair?

If you’ve got a budget of under $50 and you need a chair that’s:

  • Easy to pack
  • Easy to setup
  • Lightweight (2lbs)
  • Compact and therefore easy to carry…

This is the chair for you!

Get Your Lightweight Camping Chair  

What’s Next?

Thanks for reading our 3-minute review of the best lightweight camping chair.

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