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The #1 Best Inflatable Driveaway Awning For Campervans

Looking for a new awning, but want away with poles? Check out our 2-minute guide to the best inflatable driveaway awnings for campers.

Welcome to our 2-minute guide to the best inflatable and driveaway awnings, for VW’s and campervans.

First, let’s start with why inflatable awnings beat traditional ones, hands down.

The 2 Problems With Traditional Awnings

They Take Too Long To Put Up

Problem 1.

You’ve finished work for the week; you’re ready to unwind.

But, after reaching an idyllic destination, you’re greeted with a set of poles and a canvas; better get to it!

There’s a tonne of different inflatable awnings specifically designed for VW campers like the T25, T4 and T5.

But, there’s also larger ones manufactured bigger campervans and motorhomes.

A set of poles, and up to an hour of your vacation gone, or an air pump and 2-minutes work?

Once They’re Up, You’re Stuck

Problem 2.

Even big motorhomes and campervans are not too large, that you can’t go sightseeing.

And, if you’re packed up in a smaller VW, you’re more than nimble enough to be buzzing round town, or get down to the beach for a surf.


Your van is stuck to your awning.

An inflatable awning is one thing; it saves time.

But, an inflatable driveaway awning is something else.

It allows you to explore every place you visit; properly!

The Best Inflatable Driveaway Awning

inflatable driveaway awning
The Vango Kela III Low Driveaway Camper Awning is the best inflatable driveway awning for campervans in 2019

Now, this isn’t a one-size fits all.

Different sized campers will need a different sized inflatable driveaway awnings.

Be sure to check the sizing before making a purchase!

Vango Kela III Low Driveaway Camper Awning

Vango isn’t a brand that’s a stranger to the outdoors.

They’re known for producing some of the best kit for:

  • Camping
  • Hiking
  • Mountaineering
  • And more!

But, asides from other great characteristics of their products, they’re generally reasonably priced too.

Campervan Size

This driveaway awning from Vango, is suited to campers and motorhomes that are between 180cm and 210cm in height.

So, we’re looking at the small camper vans such as the T5, or the older T4 and T25. You know, a surf bus type size…

Interior Space

The space on offer here is second to none. inflatable driveaway awning size

Even companies producing the best inflatable driveaway awnings have a tough time combining space, and rigidity.

The bigger the awning, the more unstable it becomes.

But, Vango’s Air Beam technology mean it’s rigid and secure, even with its whopping 310cm x 370cm internal capacity!

How have they managed to make the most out of the interior space, where other companies haven’t?

Vango have cleverly incorporated pre-formed shaping into the air tubes.

When compared directly to a tent or standard campervan awning (that utilise a continuous arc), this means more usable space is on offer.

So, what should be a driveaway awning suitable for a couple at best, is actually big enough for small groups.


You’ll get full zipped waterproofed mesh doors, to keep all your camping gear safe (and dry).

More importantly, they’ve gone above and beyond when it comes to the quality of fabric used too.

Typically, you’ll need 1500mm HH for protection from “light rain”, and around 3000mm to be fully-waterproofed.

So, Vango went and built their inflatable awning out of a 6000mm material.

Not likely you’ll be worrying about getting wet, then!

Air Technology

The Air Beam technology means it’s quick to erect.

In fact, you’ll have this up and running within a matter of minutes, thanks to the air pump that’s included in the price.

And, that leaves you plenty of time to kick back, relax, grab a drink and laugh at your buddy trying to work out which pole goes where…

Storm Protection

There’s plenty of sceptics when it comes to stability of even the best inflatable driveaway awnings.

In fact, if you’ve ever read online reviews of awnings like this, in particularly Vango’s Air Beam, you’ll know they are strong. Like, as good as standard awnings; that strong…

And, to add to that strength, Vango incorporate webbing storm straps. These help to secure the front and rear of the awning, minimising lift from the wind, and severe weather.

For those that like a bit of wild camping, typically on rough, rocky or uneven ground – there’s the ability to adjust the pegging points – allowing for the perfect pitch!


The Alternative To Vango Driveaway Awnings

inflatable driveaway awning outdoors
The Oxygen Movelight is the best alternative to Vango Driveway Awnings… but it’s also a bit more expensive

In terms of price, value for money and quality, Vango don’t come up short.

But, what if you have a VW or campervan that’s too large for the Vango Kela III Low to fit.

The other option out there comes from Outdoor Revolution. They provide a range of awnings for different sized campers.

The best inflatable driveaway awning in their range, is the Oxygen Movelite.

Be warned. Their prices are much higher than that of Vango’s.


What’s Next?

Thanks for reading our 2-minute guide to the best driveaway and inflatable awnings for campers.

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