Azzpadz D30 Vs Original – What’s The Difference?

Confused about Azzpadz? I was too. That’s why I spent an hour determining how the D30 stack up against the Original. Here’s what I found.

Welcome to our quick review covering the differences between the Azzpadz D30 and the Originals. azzpadz d30

Below we’ll cover exactly what Azzpadz are, their current range, and the most obvious differences between the D30 and Originals.

What Are Azzpadz?

Azzpadz is a brand that’s a sub-section of Demon United.

And Demon are a company known for producing quality extreme sports wear (especially protective wear for snowsports).

We’ve already covered some of their cool snowsports products, including their impact shorts and gloves.

But, what are Azzpadz?

Put simply they’re, well…pads for your ass.

Actually, there’s more to it than that.

Whilst they might look like pads to protect your butt, Demon/Azzpadz have focused much more on tail-bone protection.

If you’ve ever bailed hard on your tailbone (or worse, actually had damage) even on the best powder, you’ll know how much it hurts.

This product range is designed to prevent pain and long-term damage to your tail-bone.

Who Are Azzpadz For?

They’re predominantly for skiers and snowboarders. However, they’re also suitable for ice hockey.

There are plenty of people online asking if they’re suitable for inline skating, BMX and skateboarding.

The answer is yes and no.

The design is protective, and that means bulky.

There’s a good chance you’re going to look like you’re wearing a nappy if you wear these under your skate trousers.

So, good protection for skating/BMX? Yes. Look cool? No.

However, under the likes of hockey and ski pants, they’re hardly noticeable.

The Azzpadz Range

Azzpadz tailbone protection is split into three sections.

  1. D30
  2. Original
  3. Junior

It’s probably easier if we explain them back-to-front.


The Azzpadz Junior is not a D30 for kids.

It’s an Original for youths aged 6-11.


The Original is the basic version in Azzpadz range. azzpadz

It uses a 3-layered foam for protection. As the foam is 3-layered, impacts hit the first layer and some of the impact is then absorbed.

This reduced impact then hits the 2nd layer and 3rd layer, with the pad taking the impact at each stage.

So, by the time it reaches you, the impact has been significantly reduced.


The Azzpadz D30 has been given the name, after the patented material it uses.azzpadz d-30

D30 materials are more complex than the 3-layered foam that the Original uses.

The D30 material reacts to impacts, rather than just absorbing them.

That gives you two things….

How The Azzpadz D30 Compares With The Originals

Better Comfort

Most padded protection is preformed, and not particularly flexible. If you’ve got any protection for your other adrenaline filled sports (motocross, BMX, skating etc), you’ll know what I mean. comfortable azzpadz d30

That preformed shape can mean chaffing – especially for sports that involve getting a little sweaty.

As D30 material focuses on reacting to impacts, they tend to be more flexible than preformed materials such as foam.

So, the D30 tailbone protector is going to be much more comfortable than the Original.

A Higher Level Of Protection

So, you’ve got the higher level of comfort with the D30, but how does impact protection differ?azzpadz d30 protection

The main difference is the reaction to impact. Both the Original and D30 have a hard outer shell.

On the Original, this hard outer shell covers the foam.

On the D30 this covers, well, the D30 material.

The D30 protective material is flexible and bendable, but when you hit it (i.e. you fall), it will stiffen up instantly. It’s this stiffening that’s absorbing the impact.

The harder you hit it, the quicker it will stiffen.

With the foam protection, there’s a lower level of impact deflection on offer.

So, you’re more protected with the Azzpadz D30 than the Originals.

Azzpadz D30 Protector Or Originals?

So, there are benefits in the form of:

  • Comfort
  • Protection

But, are the D30s worth it?

There’s just $10 difference between the RRP of Azzpadz Originals and the D30.

After dropping thousands of $$$ on a snowboarding/skiing trip, plus buying all the gear – $10 is a drop in the ocean!

D30s all the way!

Get Your D30 Azzpadz Here  

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